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Epic’s ideas help corporations of every size create a purpose-driven culture. We know this helps attract, motivate and retain staff, customers, and investors. Let us help you find a tailored solution which fits with your business model.

The Epic Lab, our library of plug and play solutions, can be seamlessly integrated into your business. See how below:

Impact Giving

92% of people believe that businesses should be measured by more than profit. Make the most of Epic’s “Foundation as a Service” model by making an annual donation or formalizing your giving by pledging to commit a % of your annual success.

Case Study: Ardian is a world-leading private investment house with assets of $67bn. Since 2017, Ardian  has relied on Epic’s rigorous model and transparent approach when looking for trusted nonprofits to support.

Bonus / Payroll Giving

Purpose has become a key element of job satisfaction. Provide a way for your staff to give back, and encourage their generosity with a matched donation. Demonstrating your corporate commitment is an attractive differentiator for your company in the recruitment process and for staff retention.

Case Study: L’Oréal was looking for a way to meaningfully engage their employees in response to internal calls for social engagement. In partnership with Epic, they launched a payroll giving initiative and offer 11,000+ employees the opportunity to round their salary to the nearest Euro, and give the difference to nonprofits.

Check-Out Giving

Customers no longer just consume brands, they expect them to embody values. This simple mechanism gives your client the option to add a micro-donation at checkout. Associate your brand with positive impact, and increase loyalty and engagement.

Case Study: Since 2019, restaurant chain Big Mamma partnered with Epic to implement checkout giving across their three London restaurants. Customers can add £1 to every bill. This simple idea has helped Big Mamma raise nearly half a million pounds!

Epic delivers on their dual promise of impact and efficiency. Through Epic, we supported several outstanding nonprofits with which we continue to be blown away.


Get inspired

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We love to come up with innovative ideas that are an industry first. See some examples below and contact us if you are inspired:

  • International Women’s Day became The Epic Day for Dior who opted to donate 10% of profits from one of their product lines in one single day.
  • Société Générale promoted Hedge to Pledge, a clever play on checkout giving which gave all their ForEx clients the opportunity to donate the PiP on every transaction.
  • The French Professional Football league applied the checkout giving idea to generate a donation of 100 euros every time a goal was scored during a League 1 and League 2 game.

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