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We share your passion for making a difference. Epic’s tried and tested model gives you the confidence you need to give better, give smarter, and maybe even, give more.

Epic’s portfolios provide an answer to some of the biggest challenges facing our planet, allowing you to support a diverse range of interventions, communities and solutions. Epic continuously monitors the impact of your donation. We make sure positive change is happening for people and the planet, while keeping you up to date with your impact.

Epic has entirely changed the way we view the non profit and philanthropic sector



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Epic works entirely free of charge so that 100% of the donations we receive go directly to the organizations in our portfolio.

Donations can result in tax reductions.

Epic Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity in the United States, a Registered Charity #1163753 in the United Kingdom, an Endowment Fund in France and a tax-exempt charitable foundation in Switzerland.

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    Epic Foundation is:

    United States – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity  | United Kingdom – a Registered Charity #1163753 | France – a Fonds de dotation | Switzerland – a tax-exempt charitable foundation.