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We’re looking to fund the next changemakers, groundbreakers, social innovators and leading nonprofits which are positively impacting the lives of children and youth and protecting our planet.

How we select?

Epic selects high-impact social nonprofits based on a set of specific criteria and through a 4-step selection process.

Epic’s application process is invite-only. We identify nonprofits by receiving recommendations from partners and networks who are experts in the space, conducting our own research, and by encouraging nonprofits to register and make themselves known to us. We review every nonprofit in our database at every selection round to see if they fit our criteria. If you are invited to apply, we will contact you. We try our best to make sure this process is the most respectful of your time and won’t contact you if you don’t meet our criteria.

Each year we choose a selection focus (specific country and/or specific theme). For example, in 2021 we selected new partners for the Children and Youth portfolio in France, The UK and The US ; in 2022 we selected new partners for the Children and youth portfolio in Belgium and new partners for the Climate & Environmental Conservation portfolio globally.

We are not able to provide financial support to individuals, forprofits or social corporations. We are not able to provide financial support to organizations outside of this process.

      What is our eligibility criteria?

      To be considered for Epic’s selection invitation-only process, you must meet the following eligibility criteria: :

      • You are a non-profit organization registered nationally (for example loi 1901 in France, 501c3 in the USA, registered with the Charity Commission in the UK, a registered non-governmental organization in Kenya, etc …)
      • your main activities directly contribute to Epic’s core priorities
        1) Within our Children & Youth portfolio, we prioritize work related to combatting poverty and its affects for children and families, addressing children and youth mental health, enhancing gender equity for women and girls, preventing violence against children, youth and women and education and economic empowerment for children and youth.
        2) Within our Environment & Climate portfolio, we prioritize work related to forests, food and agriculture systems, oceans and non-commercial clean energy.
      • your budget is between $500,000 and $15million USD.
      • you are able to evidence your impact on individual lives, ecosystems or the systems and institutions that affect them.

      If you are eligible and would like to be considered for the next selection, we invite you to register using this form so that we can call on you to apply if your organization fits the selection theme and our criteria. 

          Our grantees’ journey

          Unrestricted Funding
          Epic provides unrestricted funding to all of our grantee partners, alongside access to a global community of leading organizations.

          Multi-year commitment
          Epic commits to a minimum of three years financial support, renewable on a two year rolling basis.
          Funding rounds
          Organizations selected will receive two granting rounds per year.
          Global Community
          Portfolio organizations join a global community of impressive nonprofit organizations, able to exchange, support and collaborate with each other on shared challenges and priorities
          Minimum financial commitment
          Epic commits to raising a minimum of $100K USD per annum for each of each of our grantee organizations. This amount is often exceeded.

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            Epic Foundation is:

            United States – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity  | United Kingdom – a Registered Charity #1163753 | France – a Fonds de dotation | Switzerland – a tax-exempt charitable foundation.