The Epic Selection Process Le Processus de Sélection Epic

Our unique approach ensures that donors can trust in their giving. We select high impact NGOs and social enterprises through a sophisticated methodology which leverages multiple rounds of due-diligence, expert networks and on-the-ground analysis to produce a holistic review of an organization's social impact, operations, and governance.

Notre démarche sans équivalent permet aux donateurs d'avoir davantage confiance dans leur philanthropie. Nous sélectionnons des ONG et des entreprises sociales à fort impact au travers d'une méthodologie élaborée qui s'appuie sur plusieurs étapes de due diligence, des réseaux d'experts et une analyse sur le terrain pour avoir une vision complète de l'impact social, de la gestion opérationnelle, du leadership et de la gouvernance de chaque organisation sociale.

Our primary area of focus is NGOs and social enterprises working to address injustices experienced by children and youth worldwide with a specific emphasis on access to health, education, protection, and economic empowerment. Our global geographic focus reflects our goal to develop a truly diverse portfolio of innovations and leading social-impact organizations. Our selection methodology enables us to identify innovations, best practices and leaders wherever they are, across continents and socio-economic boundaries to build a truly global portfolio of organizations.

Nous nous concentrons avant tout sur les ONG et les entreprises sociales qui luttent contre les inégalités touchant l'enfance et les jeunes adultes à travers le monde avec une attention toute particulière sur l'accès à la santé, à l'éducation, au premier emploi ainsi qu'à la protection de l'enfance. Notre rayonnement géographique reflète notre ambition de développer un portefeuille varié d'innovations et d'organisations sociales à fort impact. Notre méthodologie de sélection nous permet d'identifier les innovations, meilleurs pratiques et vecteurs de changements, où qu'ils soient localisés pour construire un portefeuille d'organisations réellement mondial.

Organizations applying to the Epic portfolio in the selection process are identified through our growing network of strategic partners and our own research. After conducting a scan of the sector, we ask a list of vetted organizations to complete an online application designed to minimize the administrative burden on them and encourage broad participation. Epic will be accepting applications only from those who have been pre-screened and invited to apply.

Les organisations sociales candidates au portefeuille d'Epic sont identifiées au travers d'un réseau de partenaires et par notre recherche interne. Après avoir accompli un tour d'horizon du secteur, nous demandons à une liste d'organisations retenues de compléter une candidature en ligne visant à minimiser la charge de travail administrative et encourager leur participation. Epic n'acceptera de dossiers de candidatures que des organisations invitées à les remplir.

The Selection in figures La Sélection en chiffres

3 3 focus areas: domaines d'analyse : Impact • Operations • Governance Impact • Opérations • Gouvernance
15 15 core factors across those areas indicateurs dans ces domaines
3 3 stages of due diligence étapes d'audit
Since 2014 Epic has reviewed over Depuis 2014 Epic a passé en revue 4,000+ 4,000+ NGOs and social enterprises ONGs et entreprises sociales
What we look for Ce que nous recherchons
Impact Impact
What social objectives are they working to achieve? We look for evidence of sustainable, scalable and measureable positive social impact on beneficiaries or the community. Quels objectifs sociaux cherchent-ils à atteindre? Nous recherchons des preuves d'impact positif, mesurable, reproductible et durable pour les bénéficiaires ou leur communauté.
Operations Opérations
How efficient, effective and sustainable their organizational processes are? We assess and audit each organization in terms of team structuring, strategic and operational decision-making process, and financial sustainability. L'organisation est-elle efficace et son action s'inscrit-elle dans la durée ? Nous évaluons et auditons chaque organisation avec une attention toute particulière sur son mode de fonctionnement, sur ses processus de prise de décisions stratégiques et opérationnelles et sur sa santé financière.
Governance Gouvernance
How robust and competent is the social organization's management team? We recognize the critical importance of experienced leadership and that works hand in hand with the board of directors and that is able to adapt the organization to a changing environment. Analysis in this areas seeks confirmation that the organization meets the highest standards in leadership with a proven ability to engage key stakeholders and beneficiaries in professional and ethical relationships. Le management de l'organisation sociale est-il composé d'une équipe solide et compétente ? Nous reconnaissons l'importance de disposer de dirigeants expérimentés capables de fonctionner efficacement avec son conseil d'administration et d'adapter l'organisation à une environnement changeant. Notre analyse dans ce domaine cherche à confirmer que l'organisation remplit les critères de management les plus exigeants ayant apporté la preuve de sa capacité à nouer des relations avec les bénéficiaires et les parties prenantes de façon professionnelle et éthique.

Selection 2019 Sélection 2019

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Epic is pleased to announce Rights and Protection as our thematic focus for Selection 2019

Every child has the right to a fair chance in life. Yet in every country of focus for Epic, many children are being denied their rights and deprived of what they need to grow up healthy and strong, because of their place of birth; because of their race, ethnicity or gender; or because they live in poverty. Around the world, millions of children are trapped in intergenerational cycles of disadvantage that endanger their futures and the future of their societies.

In order to ensure more children and youth protected from violence, exploitation and abuse, Epic is looking to reinforce its portfolio in the area of Rights and Protection for the following groups in particular: girls, racial and ethnic minorities, refugees and migrant children.

Eligibility Criteria for Consideration in Current Round
  • Rights and Protection: Organizations work to break the cycle of disadvantage for children and youth most affected by protection violations, such exposure to exploitation, violence, abuse, neglect or marginalization; separation from family, life on the street, or engagement in juvenile justice and/or care system.
  • Beneficiary Focus: Organizations must have a specific focus or programmatic consideration for girls, racial and ethnic minorities, or refugees or migrant children.
  • Geography: Organizations must implement programs in either the United States, France or Belgium.
  • Budget of Organization: Between $500k and $10 million. (This is not an exclusionary criterion but rather a guiding parameter. )
  • Impact/Outcomes Focused: Organizations must be able to demonstrate the implementation of evidence-based programming or interventions and/or supporting systems and processes which assess the ability of that programming to achieve proven impact/outcomes for children and youth.
  • Social Innovation: Application of more impactful, efficient and/or sustainable solutions to social problems.

Revised Selection Process

Epic is committed to ensuring our selection process yields the most relevant, impactful and innovative organizations aligned with our thematic priorities. To this end, we are modifying our selection process to better target our rigorous review process to those organizations most aligned with Epic, which we hope will be even more considerate of the time and efforts of those seeking Epic’s support. As compared to the open process of previous years, our new process will be an invite-only process pursuing recommendations we receive from sector research and networks, partner referrals, and organizations self-referrals. For organizations who want to make sure that they are on our radar when we conduct our initial due diligence can notify us using the link below.

Stage 1

  • Proactive Process: Epic conducts landscaping and sector research on organizations potentially fitting our priority criteria. Epic connects with key partners who are experts in the space to source recommendations of organizations that fit our selection focus.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Organizations identified are reviewed to ensure eligibility.

Stage 2

  • Application: Organizations identified in Stage 2 are asked to complete an online application that captures information across our 15-factor methodology, which provides a detailed analysis of organizational fortitude across areas of Impact, Leadership and Operations. Organizations are asked to not create any new material for the purposes of the application.
  • Due Diligence: Analysis is conducted across our 15 factors.
  • Interviews/Visit: Phone interviews with management teams are scheduled. If logistically possible, meetings take place in person.

Stage 3

  • Additional Due Diligence: Regional teams conduct additional analysis and prepare for a visit to the organization.
  • Visit: Team spends a day with organizations diving deeper into their work and meeting various stakeholders.
  • Final Assessment & Decision: Reports are prepared and final recommendations are presented to the board.

At the conclusion of the process, Epic will notify all organizations who participated in Stage 3 of the results. Organizations who are admitted into the portfolio will begin the onboarding process. which puts into place Epic's monitoring framework and partnership.

The social impact of portfolio organizations is closely monitored across the same methodology used during the selection process. L'impact social des organisations du portefeuille d'Epic est suivi de près au travers des mêmes indicateurs que ceux utilisés lors de la phase de sélection.
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