Street League

Royaume-Uni United Kingdom

Using the power of sport to engage with long-term unemployed youth living in disadvantaged areas in the UK and equipping them to gain sustained employment.

Street League uses sport to help their work to end structural youth unemployment by teaching young people essential workplace skills such as teamwork, leadership, discipline and offering competitive free educational support and job training to unemployed young people through their Academy. After successful completion of the program, participants progress into education, training, or employment. Having expanded its operations from 3 cities in 2010 to 15 across cities England and Scotland, Street League is one of the fastest growing charities in the UK. By 2019, the organization aims to support 2,300 young people in attaining employment per year.

The Challenges

Les Challenges

In the UK, 700,000 young people are 'workless' and have never had a job compared to 400,000 between 1994 & 2001
3X youth unemployment rate has been 3 times higher than adult’s rates for over a decade
201,000 youth aged 16 to 24 are unemployed for more than a year

Key facts Éléments Clés

Age Range Âge ciblé 16 — 24 16 à 24 ans
Beneficiaries Bénéficiaires 2,149 2,149
Sectors Secteurs Education, Economic Empowerment Education, Insertion Socio-Economique
Staff Personnel 124 124
Budget Budget $ 7,488,986 $ 7 488 986
Year established Lancement 2003 2003
(2017 data estimates) (Donnés;es estimées 2017)

Key Programs

Programmes principaux

Football, Dance-fit and Fitness

Street League engages youth by offering football, dancing and fitness-based sport activities where youth not only have fun and stay in shape but - with the support of staff - they also build their confidence and motivation. Through day-to-day interactions, the team has the opportunity to learn about the needs and aspirations of program participants before making a recommendation of whether or not they should progress to Street League’s core training program, The Academy.

The Academy

Youth selected to move onto The Academy are provided with employability courses, soft skills training and 1-on-1 mentoring and career advice. Participating youth take nationally recognized qualifications and participate in two-week work placements in order to build experience in the field of their interest. The Academy proved successful in 2015-2016, with over 75% of participants progressing into employment, education or training.

Post-Academy Aftercare

Street League understands that their outcomes are only impactful if they are sustained. In order to create lasting social change, Street League provides support to participants for up to six months postacademy to ensure continuous progression. Based on 2015/2016 results, 55% of academy participants sustained their employment outcomes for six months or longer. For the remaining 45% of participants, the program enables staff members to identify disengagement and support youth’s return to training.

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