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Simplon.co empowers young people from low-income communities through professional training in the field of web development and programming.

Simplon.co aims at bridging the digital divide by offering intensive professional trainings in the fields of web development and programming as an empowering tool for low-income youth, under-represented groups, including women, individuals with disabilities and people living in rural areas. Simplon.co is based on a social enterprise model which means it can self-finance part of its activities with the sales of its services. Since 2013, Simplon is training young people and raising awareness of people of digital in France alone. 6-month after the Web Development course – one of Simplon’s flagship programs – 83% of students (58% has no high-school diploma) found a job in IT.

VR Film introduction

Introduction en Réalité Virtuelle

The Challenges

Les Challenges

23% of youth aged 15 to 24 years old are unemployed in France
212,000 jobs will be created in the digital sector by 2022
The digital sector offers a 10 point higher employability rate than the rest of the French economy

Key facts Éléments Clés

Age Range Âge ciblé 6 — 24 6 à 24 ans
Beneficiaries Bénéficiaires 11,582 11 582
Sectors Secteurs Education, Economic Empowerment Education, insertion socio-économique
Staff Personnel 86 86
Budget Budget € 6,646,200 € 6,646,200
Year established Lancement 2013 2013
(2017 data estimates) (Donnés;es estimées 2017)

Key Programs

Programmes principaux


This online learning platform offers a 6 months coding class and weekly mentoring. Students get access for life to the Simplonline platform to consult jobs and internship offers as well as job readiness advices.


Simplon.co organizes workshops, extracurricular and leisure activities as well as year-long programs in partnership with schools. The aim is to use digital tools to prevent school dropouts, to foster youth empowerment and to broaden their horizons.


This two-year program was launched in February 2016 with the aim of training 20,000 youth (age 16- 24) from priority areas so that they can find employment in the digital sector.


The objective of Refugeeks is to foster the inclusion and employment of 1,400 refugees through digital training by 2019. Refugees learn French through a digital platform connecting them to French speaking volunteers and they are trained to develop digital skills that can be shared with their families.

Software Developer Training

Simplon offers a free, 6-months, intensive program to train underprivileged youth on how to create websites and web/mobile applications. Graduates are qualified to work as a junior developer, web integrator, UX designer, and more.

Digital Referent Training

This program trains professionals to manage all digital aspects of an organization over the course of 6 months. Training modules include General IT and Technical Culture, Project Management, Web Communication, and System Administration and Networks.

"Data-Artisan" Training

This 4-month program trains professionals to develop skills in the collection, production, and recovery of digital data. Graduates are trained to be able to access emerging professions such as head of project data, data mining, digital curator, data analyst, and Open Data project manager.

Web Integrator training

This 3-months training dedicated to young people aged 16-24 without diploma nor working focuses on the learning of HTML, CSS and basic Java Script.

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