Ouganda Uganda

Supporting vulnerable youth in Uganda with innovative social programs

The HIV/AIDS crisis has deeply impacted Uganda, affecting an entire generation of families and orphaning an estimated 1.1 million. Nyaka developed a unique model to empower grandmothers to provide safe and stable homes for their grandchildren, as grandmothers were often the only guardian left to care for children in the family. Since 2001, Nyaka’s innovative program has been empowering over 7,000 grandmothers to care for about 43,000 grandchildren through a comprehensive approach to community development, education, and healthcare. Also, Nyaka operates high-quality schools that provide education and access to health and nutritional services to children and youth from preschool through university.

The Challenges

Les Challenges

1.1million 1,1 million HIV/AIDS orphans in Uganda orphelins du VIH/SIDA en Ouganda
34% 34% live with their grandmothers vivent chez leurs grand-mères
21% 21% are financially supported by their grandmothers sont soutenus financièrement par elles

Key facts Éléments Clés

Lake Victoria Uganda Kampala Rukungiri Kanungu
• Area of operations supported by Epic • Zones d'opérations soutenues par Epic
Age Range Âge ciblé 0 — 24+ 0 à 24 ans et plus
Beneficiaries (5—24) Bénéficiaires (de 5 à 24 ans) 765 765
Sectors Secteurs Health, Education & Economic Empowerment Santé, Education, Emancipation Economique
Staff Personnel 86 86
Budget Budget $2,234,729 $2,234,729
Year established Lancement 2001 2001
(2017 data estimates) (Donnés;es estimées 2017)

Key Programs

Programmes principaux

Pre-school, primary, secondary and vocational education

Nyaka schools provide education to children and youth from pre-school through high school. The 2 primary schools operated by Nyaka enroll about 461 students. In addition, over 264 students receive secondary and vocational education at the Nyaka Vocational secondary school. About 40 students who are accepted to university also continue to receive financial support for their tuition.

Healthcare services

Nyaka has three nurses at Kutamba Primary School and at the Nyaka-operate clinic to provide healthcare services to students and children in the local community. The nurse also conducts a small number home visits. Nyaka works to provide students with preventive medicines, lab tests and products such as bed nets to prevent malaria and free HIV/AIDS testing.

Grandmothers program

Nyaka Grandmothers Program empowers grandmothers to care for their grandchildren. On average, grandmother in the program care for 5 children. Nyaka supports grandmothers by providing them with direct support and training to ensure children's access to education (micro-loans, nutritional advice, housing construction, water storage tanks, seeds & equipment for agricultural production, mosquito nets and more).

Nutrition & Agricultural Production

In order to provide meals for children enrolled in Nyaka’s schools and increase the organization’s financial efficiency, Nyaka developed a full farm operation on its school campus. Developed in 2009, the farm produces grain, vegetables, meat and milk to provide students with two daily meals at the schools.

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