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ottom Line's mission is to help low income, first generation students get into college, graduate from college and go far in life.

Bottom Line helps low-income and first-generation students get into college, graduate from college and go far in life. By increasing the number of career-ready college graduates in urban communities Bottom Line seeks to break the cycle of poverty. Through its work with students, Bottom Line has identified and found ways to address the root causes of disparities. Bottom Line provides two integrated programs that have been proven to efficiently and effectively ensure high school students from low-income families can access college and then have the ongoing support needed to succeed in college, earn a degree, and prepare for a successful career.

The Challenges

Les Challenges

Less than 9% of students from low-income families earn a college degree by age 24
77% of students from top income quartile earn a college degree by age 24
By 2020, 65% of US jobs will require post secondary education
leaving a projected workforce gap of 23 million workers

Key facts Éléments Clés

Age Range Âge ciblé 18 — 24 18 à 24 ans
Beneficiaries Bénéficiaires 5,557 5 557
Sectors Secteurs Education Education
Staff Personnel 152 152
Budget Budget $12,537,985 $12 537 985
Year established Lancement 1997 1997
(2017 data estimates) (Donnés;es estimées 2017)

Key Programs

Programmes principaux

College Access

Bottom Line provides high school seniors with tailored guidance through the college application process. Beginning in the junior or senior year of high school, students start meeting with a Bottom Line counselor. Through a series of one-on-one sessions, which are one hour long and occur every two to three weeks, Bottom Line's full-time college counselors help each high school senior navigate the college admission process. The College Access program empowers students with the support and the experienced guidance to make smart decisions about attending college.

College Success

College students receive one-on-one advice and mentoring on-campus for up to 6 years. Initially, the program focuses on supporting students through the transition to college. This is followed by mentoring based on Bottom Line's DEAL Program Model (Degree, Employability, Aid, Life). Through this crosscutting framework Bottom Line’s staff ensures students benefit from tailored support and tools across all their financial, academic, professional and psychosocial needs to succeed. The College Success Program’s tailored guidance ensures that students are equipped with the skills & knowledge to overcome obstacles, persist, and eventually graduate with the skills and a career plan in place.

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