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Apnalaya works with people living in some of the poorest slum communities in Mumbai to help them achieve a better quality of life.

Apnalaya empowers some of the most disadvantaged populations living in the slums of Mumbai to gain awareness of their basic rights and access opportunities leading to a better life.

Apnalaya vient en assistance aux populations les plus défavorisées vivant dans les bidonvilles de Mumbai pour les sensibililiser aux droits fondamentaux et leur permettre d'améliorer leurs conditions de vie.

VR Film introduction

Introduction en Réalité Virtuelle

The Challenges

Les Challenges

In the slums in Govandi, Mumbai 90% of pregnant women in 2016-17 were anemic
50% of children are underweight
38% of girls are married before they are 18 years old
The average life expectancy is 39 years

Key facts Éléments Clés

Age Range Âge ciblé 0 — 24 0 à 24 ans
Beneficiaries Bénéficiaires 7,000 7 000
Sectors Secteurs Educate, Health, Rights Protection, Economic Empowerment Santé, Education, Droits et Protection, insertion socio-économique
Staff Personnel 95 95
Budget Budget $995,412 $995 412
Year established Lancement 1973 1973
(2017 data estimates) (Donnés;es estimées 2017)

Key Programs

Programmes principaux

Maternal and Children Health

Apnalaya's health workers conduct home visits every month to identify pregnant women and mothers who recently gave birth to help them register and acquire services for themselves and their children. The organization also forms and trains groups of mothers to combat malnutrition and minimize health risks that lead to deaths in children and young infants.


This program is designed to tackle the different aspects of malnutrition. In 2016, Apnalaya conducted malnutrition checkups for more than 4,000 children and treated 300+ children with severe acute malnutrition in addition to providing supplementary nutrition for 675 children. Over the last five years, the ongoing effort has helped reduce the incidence of underweight children from 60% to 42%.

Disability Program

Apnalaya's disability program provides healthcare, education and economic opportunities to people with disabilities. In the last six years Apnalaya has worked with over 580 people with disability.

Ration Action Groups

Apnalaya organizes community members, primarily women, and provides them with training to assist other community members in accessing the Indian government’s food rationing programs. In 2016, the ration action group obtained many new ration cards and renewed 38,992 old cards.


The scholarship program provides educational funding for children to pursue education from grade 8 onwards including vocational training after grade 12. In 2016, 311 students were assisted financially. Apnalaya strategically and gradually withdraws direct support overtime in order to encourage children to apply for Government scholarships geared especially towards education of rag pickers’ children.

Family Counseling Center

The Family Counseling Center provides support and resources for women to access family counselors for issues including domestic violence, dowry, and desertion. In 2016, the Family Counseling Center worked with 140 new families.

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